To develop each student morally, socially and religiously.

To groom them as dynamic global citizens.

To make them committed to the service of creator and of the nation.

 To instill in them a spirit of compassion unselfish service, dedication to duty, love for fellow men and thirst for excellence and wisdom.

To create and maintain a positive ethos within the institute in which children and teachers cooperate to foster effective communication.

 To let them enjoy learning, achieve highly and enter into the adult world with confidence.

To produce an environment that encourages each pupil to develop qualities of self-discipline, organizational and motivational value and the enjoyment of working hard which makes them confident and competent members of society and world as well.

To encourage a strong and effective partnership with parents and the local community.

To develop the literacy, creativity and communication skills for pupils to access the curriculum and take a full part in society.

To reward pupils and enhance their self-esteem whilst supporting one another in demanding the highest academic and social standards.